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Klay Thompson Has A Message For The NBA


On their way to their fourth straight Finals, the Golden State Warriors certainly know a thing or two about winning.

Back before they even acquired Kevin Durant, they became one of the prominent teams to fear in the Western Conference. And after they added KD, things only intensified from there.

For those reasons, the Warriors have been the subject of much criticism over the last two years for "ruining the NBA." Fans, spectators, and even some analysts blame the Warriors for taking the randomness, fun, and competition away from the league after assembling a team so unbeatable.

And it's precisely that way thinking that caused Warriors' guard Klay Thompson decided to speak out. Rather than apologize or shrug off the notion, Thompson issued a challenge to the rest of the NBA, per Daniel Brown of the San Jose Mercury News:

"The rest of the NBA has to get better," he said Wednesday. "It's not our fault."

There you have it. If you ask Thompson, it's up to the rest of the NBA to catch-up... the Warriors are just simply ahead of the game.

While most would disagree with this notion (and there are fair points to be made for that argument), it's hard to deny that the rest of the league can't make a better effort at assembling a super-team of their own.