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Klay Thompson Has Big Aspirations For His NBA Return: "I Plan On Being The All-NBA Player I Was. I Will Not Settle For Anything Less."

Klay Thompson Announces His Return To The League: "I Am Going To Bounce Back, And That's A Fact"


Klay Thompson won't be returning to action until the 2021/22 NBA season, trying to come back stronger than ever after missing the last two campaigns with very serious injuries. The 3x NBA champion doesn't know when he will hit the court again but he's getting ready for that moment, vowing to return at the best possible level.

Thompson talked with reporters for the first time this season and he left a couple of interesting quotes. He talked about the challenges James Wiseman will face after he and Stephen Curry retire from the game but also discussed his plans in the league once he makes his long-awaited return to the hardwood.

"I'll be honest, I don't expect to come back balls to the wall, 38 minutes a night, guarding the best player, running around 100 screens. I'm going to get to that point. I guarantee that... I plan on being the All-NBA player I was. I will not settle for anything less. I'm too competitive to just take a relegated role. That's not me. I'm too fiery just to come out there and give you 13 a game on 20 minutes. I can't wait, man. I got a lot of pent up energy," he said, via Anthony Slater.

Thompson talked about all the things he had to deal with during 2020, including his rehab, the loss of his grandma, and the surprising death of Kobe Bryant, who left this world after a fatal helicopter crash. It was a really tough year for the Splash Brother but he's confident that he will enjoy the game of basketball again.

"It's been a weird two years for me. I genuinely love the game so much, it's been hard to find a lot of happiness without it, but it's going to come back, and it's just going to make me appreciate what I do that much more," Thompson said, according to ESPN's Nick Friedell.

Klay is the missing part the Warriors need to be an actual competitor in the Western Conference this campaign. Once he returns, if he can play at the same level he used to play, the Dubs will be a threat for anybody in the West.