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Klay Thompson Hits 24 Straight Threes In Warriors Shootaround: “Watch Out League A Storm Is Coming”

Klay Thompson Hits 24 Straight Threes In Warriors Shootaround: “Watch Out League A Storm Is Coming”

The Golden State Warriors currently have the best record in the entire NBA. As of now, the Dubs are 28-7 as they hold the top spot in the Western Conference. The way that the Warriors are playing this season feels like they have a mission in mind.

That mission must be without a doubt to win the 2022 NBA Championship. After the 2019 NBA Finals, the Dubs fell off the cliff for two seasons, with Kevin Durant leaving and Stephen Curry & Klay Thompson getting injured.

Now the franchise is back on track with yet another dominant season under their belt. The only thing missing from the team is Klay, who is recovering from an injury. But the wait for Thompson's much-anticipated return is almost over.

The best part for Warriors fans is the fact that Klay looks in great touch despite being sidelined for two seasons. A fun fact about his time out of the league is that he has earned $6 million more in the time period compared to when he was active.

Anyway, coming back to the topic at hand, recently a video of Klay participating in a shootaround surfaced on the internet. In the video, the Golden State Warriors superstar made 24 straight threes!

The Instagram account "NBA Buzz" perfectly explained the reaction of most fans, as the account wrote: "Watch out league a storm is coming." 

Klay looks in amazing touch during the shootaround and once he is back, it will further improve the chances of the Golden State Warriors winning another NBA title.

Moreover, once he comes back to the team, it will take some burden off of Steph Curry's shoulders. While Curry is having a historic season and is a prime candidate to win the regular-season MVP, he still needs to rest.

As explained by a Warriors assistant coach earlier, Steph's Kryptonite is lack of rest. Once the playoffs start, GSW needs Curry to be in his top shape. Otherwise, their hopes of winning the title might get crushed once again.