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Klay Thompson: “I Don’t Care If I Miss 100 Shots In A Row. I’m Never Gonna Stop Shooting The Ball.”

Klay Thompson: “I Don’t Care If I Miss 100 Shots In A Row. I’m Never Gonna Stop Shooting The Ball.”

Klay Thompson made his long-awaited return to the court 10 days ago, ending his 2-year absence from the NBA, coming back to a Golden State Warriors team that looks incredibly dangerous. 

The Splash Brother had his best game against the Detroit Pistons on Tuesday night, recording this first 20-pt game of the season, showing flashes of what's coming for the Dubs and the rest of the NBA. 

This game presented a good opportunity for Klay to show his quality again, which is exactly what he did. Klay had the most efficient game of his short season, going 6-of-13 (46.2%) from the floor. After the match was over and the Warriors secured the 102-86 win over the Pistons, Klay was asked about his early shooting struggles. 

Truth to his style, Klay was relaxed about it, saying he'll never stop shooting the ball no matter how bad the night is going for him.  

"I don't care if I miss 100 shots in a row. I'm never going to stop shooting the ball. I love it too much and I work too hard not to."

Klay is just happy to be on the court, as he added that just playing is enough for him to feel good. He did everything he could to help his team and was content that things worked out for the Dubs in the end. 

"Just to be able to run up-and-down the court again, shoot the ball, play defense, I had a great time tonight. Wish I had made a couple of more shots, but I just had a great time. That was fun."

He's still trying to find the pace this season, but the things he's showing this early are very promising. The Warriors know that having Klay on the court is a major boost for them, although he won't be an All-Star right now. As Stephen Curry said, April, May and June will be more important than January or February. If Klay returns to his old level by that time, the Warriors will be ready to make a deep playoffs run again.