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Klay Thompson Is Unsure If He'll Still Be With The Warriors In 9 Months


The 2019 NBA offseason will prove to be a big one for the Golden State Warriors. Not only will Kevin Durant have to decide if he wants to exercise his player option, and DeMarcus Cousins will become a free agent, sharpshooter Klay Thompson will also have to make a decision on his future.

The four-time NBA All-Star will be hitting free agency the same time as Durant and Cousins, and even though it seems more likely than not that Klay will be remaining in the Bay Area, when those dollar signs come calling, anything can happen.

In an interview with The Athletics' Shams Charania, Thompson spoke about his upcoming free agency and what his mindset was heading into this season, and had this to say about his contract year.

"I couldn't imagine myself being somewhere else, but it's easy for me to say that now. With time things change so it's hard for me to envision what goes on in 9 months."

Of course, all things considered, Klay is probably in the best position possible for him right now. The Warriors are winning, he doesn't need to overexert himself, and he lives in California. What more could he want?

But Thompson's goals and aspirations could definitely change over the next few months, and for all we know, with Durant and Cousins also going for contract year production, Klay could end up with a few less possessions, leading him to rethink his stance on becoming the face of a franchise next season.