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Klay Thompson: “Kevin Durant Is Above And Beyond A Splash Brother”

Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

There is no doubt how impactful Kevin Durant has been for the Golden State Warriors ever since he made it there from the Oklahoma City Thunder and right now he’s considered, with due reason, the best player of the team. Sure, the Warriors are and always will be Stephen Curry’s team, but that doesn’t mean KD has made a good job taking the current NBA champions to become a nearly unbeatable team.

Everybody inside and outside the organization knows how important Durant is, and another Warriors superstar, Klay Thompson, didn’t hesitate to show how big is KD in the team. Thompson, alongside Steph Curry, have been worldly known as the Splash Brothers around the NBA world, but the shooting guard believes there is another name to include in that list.

Following the news that Durant had ruptured his Achilles, Curry and Thompson were asked if Durant is also a Splash Brother. Thompson’s answer was crystal clear.

“He’s above and beyond a Splash Brother at this point,” Thompson said.

Albeit this postseason Durant’s performances were more notable than before, he already had gathered reasons to make people believe he was one of the best players in Golden State, if not the best. He led the Warriors to the championship in 2017 and 2018, winning the NBA Finals MVP both years while showing the elite outside shooting, which has been the introduction letter of the Splash Brothers.

Klay is quite right with his statements. KD has done everything he had and more to become a part of the Splash Brothers although we might not see the trio making a mess against rivals next year.