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Klay Thompson On Kevin Durant's Departure: "I'm Never Going To Hold It Against Him"

(via The Mercury News)

(via The Mercury News)

Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors did not split on the best of terms. Following years of living in Steph Curry's shadow, and a devastating Achilles tear (that some think the team could have prevented), KD found himself a stranger in Oakland.

Weeks later, now after both sides had time to think, Durant came out and threw some shade at the team and their apparently flawed offensive system. His former teammate Steph Curry threw some words in retaliation.

But for Klay Thompson, his message was sung in a different tune -- one of acceptance and innocence.

(via USA TODAY Sports)

“A change of heart, man. But I’m never going to hold it against him,” Thompson said of Durant’s free-agency decision. “He wanted to go to New York City. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

He will miss playing with his guys but understands the nature of this business seemingly more than anybody.

“I’ll miss Andre’s leadership. I’ll miss Shaun’s savvy vetness. I’ll (miss) Kevin’s talent. He was a true joy to play with,” Thompson said. “But that’s the nature of our sport. I’m happy with the way we retooled. We got some great young talent. So I’m excited with what the future holds.”

It's rare for any team in pro-sports to match the success the Warriors have displayed in the past three years. With Durant, the team was nearly unbeatable, boasting 2 Championships in 3 years and dominating their opponents with large point differentials.

With him gone, there is no telling what the future might hold. Klay Thompson has moved on regardless.