Klay Thompson On The Warriors Having Two Lottery Picks: "We Call Those Assets In The Business World, And Business Is Booming."

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It has been a tough time for the Golden State Warriors and their fans without Klay Thompson. Thompson's shooting was integral to the Golden State Warriors during the dynasty years, and it was clear that their offense was not the same this season without his presence.

However, there is potential for the Golden State Warriors to improve next season, as they have two picks in the upcoming draft, No. 7 and No. 14. Klay Thompson will be back too, and the Warriors should be good once again. The picks should help them return to contention, either with great lottery-level prospects or a potential trade.

Klay Thompson is certainly excited about the upcoming picks for the Golden State Warriors. When asked about the picks, he claimed that he felt great, and seemed excited for what they could bring to the table.

It remains to be seen whether the Golden State Warriors end up moving those picks for another star, or whether they will end up keeping the picks. Regardless, it definitely seems as though they will look for every opportunity to improve, regardless of the avenue. The Warriors haven't been in contention the last few years, but with Klay Thompson's return and two lottery picks, there's a pathway for success.