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Klay Thompson On Upcoming Return: "It's Coming. I Cannot Wait To Hoop Again... I Don't Care If I Go 4-24."

Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson hasn't yet suited up for the Golden State Warriors this season, but there's no doubt that he was crucial for the team during the dynasty years. The Warriors have been a good team this year, but they should be even better when Thompson comes back to the court.

It seems as though the Warriors will not have to wait much longer for Klay Thompson's return. Adrian Wojnarowski has recently revealed that Klay Thompson could make his season debut against the Cleveland Cavaliers on January 9th.

After a two-year layoff with significant injuries, there's optimism that Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson will make his return against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Sunday, sources told ESPN.

A final decision on Thompson's debut is expected to be made once the Warriors return from back-to-back games on Wednesday and Thursday in Dallas and New Orleans, sources said.

Klay Thompson has recently commented on his impending return, and stated that he "cannot wait to hoop again". Thompson added that he doesn't "care" if he goes "4-24". There is no doubt that his return will be an emotional moment for both him and Warriors fans alike.

It is coming. I cannot wait to hoop again… Wow, you can't have a bad day when you take the boat to work. It's impossible. I don't care if I go 4-for-24.

Hopefully, Klay Thompson is able to come back stronger than ever. While a lot of players would have their performances get worse due to experiencing both ACL and Achilles injuries, many have speculated that Thompson should be the same on offense as his he has a shooting-based playstyle.

The Golden State Warriors will hope that Klay Thompson can be their x-factor for the playoffs, and there's no doubt that he could potentially be a difference-maker for them against other top-tier teams. There's no doubt that many are awaiting his return, and hopefully, it does end up coming against the Cavaliers.