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Klay Thompson Responds To JJ Redick Calling The Warriors' Schedule 'Soft': "Buddy, We Got The MVP, A Defensive Player Of The Year. That Kind Of Disrespect Bothers Me…”

Klay Thompson Responds To JJ Redick Calling The Warriors' Schedule 'Soft': "Buddy, We Got The MVP, A Defensive Player Of The Year. That Kind Of Disrespect Bothers Me…”

The Golden State Warriors are having a sweet moment in the first month of the 2021/22 NBA season. The Dubs returned after two seasons down, struggling to even aspire to make the playoff. 

Even though they lost against the Charlotte Hornets on Sunday, they still boast the league-best record at 11-2 which ranks first in the Western Conference. Golden State is on a mission this year, and they won't rest until they reclaim their throne. 

Nevertheless, not everybody is sold on the Warriors' early successful run. JJ Redick recently claimed he wouldn't call the Warriors favorites since their schedule wasn't the hardest of all, which could be deceiving. 

“Here’s the thing about the Warriors, though. First of all, it is ten games into the season, so let's have some perspective. They have had the eighth easiest schedule so far, two games left in this homestand, nine of their first 12 games will be at home; they have no signature wins other than opening night against the Lakers."

These words didn't sit well with the Dubs Nation, and plenty of fans have disagreed with Redick's remarks. Moreover, Klay Thompson took offense to that, replying to the newly retired sharpshooter. The 3x NBA champion says he hopes people keep doubting the Warriors, so they can prove them wrong. 

Via Sports Illustrated

No one saw this Warriors renaissance coming, certainly not this soon, not before Thompson could finish his two-year rehab from Achilles and knee surgeries and restore the greatest-shooting backcourt of all time. And no one is sure what to make of it. Skeptics are pointing to the Warriors’ home-heavy schedule, the dearth of quality opponents, the scarcity of proven talent around Curry, the miles on defensive maestro Draymond Green, the mystery of whether Klay Thompson is still Klay Thompson and casting doubts on the sustainability of it all.

“I love it,” Thompson told Sports Illustrated last week, through a defiant grin. “I love it. I hope people keep doubting us. I saw somebody on the TV the other day talking about, The Warriors aren’t contenders because they’ve had a soft schedule. Buddy, we got the MVP, a defensive player of the year. That kind of disrespect bothers me. We have so many champions, guys who have done it in the highest pressure moments, and you’re still gonna question our ability? I love it. But whatever. That’s what talking heads are paid to do.”

Klay is reportedly a couple of weeks away from his return to the court. Once he and James Wiseman join the team's starting lineup, it'll be madness for the rest of the conference. Thompson hasn't played in two years, but the things he's showing during his rehab make Warriors fans dream about another championship. 

That's still a long shot, but this team is playing great basketball right now. Steve Kerr is confident they can do the job this season and seeing how upset Klay is with the constant disrespect aimed at him and his team, it's fair to say they have plenty of motivation to beat the other 29 squads in the association. 

They visit the Brooklyn Nets today, trying to make a statement against another title favorite. They already beat the Chicago Bulls on Friday, and now it's time to face another top team.