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Klay Thompson Says The Warriors Dynasty Is Not Over

(via NBA)

(via NBA)

Even if the NBA returns at some point this year, Klay Thompson won't play with the Golden State Warriors this campaign. He suffered a torn ACL in Game 6 of the 2019 NBA Finals against the Toronto Raptors and was forced to miss the 2019/20 season.

A lot happened to the Warriors throughout that time. They saw Stephen Curry also going down with an injury that only allowed him to play five games this season, the 'experiment' of D'Angelo Russell in the Bay didn't work out and the Warriors currently have the worst record in the league, with high chances of getting a lottery pick in the upcoming NBA draft.

The picture does look good for the Dubs, but some people believe their dynasty is over and it's time to move on for Golden State. Well, not for Klay, who expressed his feelings with the treatment the media and fans have given the Warriors, sending a message to the doubters, claiming he'll prove them wrong once again.

Talking in "Above The Water," a short documentary chronicling his rehab, the Splash Brother said (via NBC Sports):

"It just kills me inside when I see these other teams, so many talking heads and some of my peers saying, 'The dynasty is over, they had a great run.'"

"I have so much more to give this game, but patience definitely builds character. You don't have to prove anything anymore, you know? You have three championships. Multiple All-Star appearances.

"I'll just be that eager to prove everyone wrong again."

The film was created by Translation, and directed by Floyd Russ alongside his creative production partner, Tool of North America.

The Warriors were the biggest team in the NBA before the 2019/20 season. They played in five consecutive Finals, winning three titles in the process. The league has changed a lot since the last time they were considered 'contenders', but now it's the time when Klay, Curry and Draymond Green show they still got it and that the Warriors aren't done yet.

They lost Kevin Durant in the 2019 free agency, they lost Klay and Curry due to injuries this season. Now it's time to bounce back and show everybody they're here to stay. Everything points out they will have a great season next year when Thompson starts his 'revenge season'.