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Klay Thompson Wants Max Contract Regardless Kevin Durant's Decision

Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson won't be the most sought after free-agent this summer, not in a class with Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard. But maybe he should be. The 28-year old shooting guard is in the midst of his best season ever, averaging 21 points per game on 46% shooting while continuing to prove himself as one of the best perimeter shooters the game has ever seen.

When he hits the market this July, it will be an opportunity for teams to acquire a uniquely talented player.

If he even leaves the Warriors at all, that is. Golden State beat writer Mark Medina recently posted an update on Thompson's expectations this July, and it seems he's destined to return to the Warriors, as long as he gets the paycheck he's looking for.

So, Klay Thompson wants to return. That's good for the Warriors, right? It is... so long as they're willing to offer him the max.

Because, just as much as Klay seems sure he wants to come back, he seems sure he wants max money. If the Warriors decide they don't feel like paying the luxury tax bill, Klay could end up walking.

And with the status of Durant still up in the air, they would probably rather not risk losing two of their franchise stars.