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Klay Thompson’s Dad Mychal Doesn’t See His Son Playing With Lakers Next Season

Klay Thompson’s Dad Mychal Doesn’t See His Son Playing With Lakers Next Season

The upcoming NBA free agency is already filled with rumors about every player who will try their luck there and as it gets closer, those rumors will increase. Right now one of the hottest players for the free agency is one of the splash brothers, Klay Thompson, who’s ready to try his luck and see where he’s going to play next season.

One of the teams that will surely want to get Thompson is the Los Angeles Lakers, which just as Klay, have a lot of things to think and figure out this offseason if they want to have a good campaign. However, unlike the Lakers, Klay’s head is focused on something more important right now, and that’s the NBA playoff, where he and his team have been outstanding.

Mychal Thompson, a Lakers legend, currently broadcasting for the team and, who might play a big role here, as he is Klay’s father, says he gets a lot of question about his son’s future, stating that’s not a good position to put him in. Kyle Goon of the OC Register had the chance to talk with Mychal on that matter and honestly, he doesn’t seem very optimistic to have Klay playing at Staples Center.

This doesn’t mean he doesn’t want his son to be back at SoCal, but perhaps that doesn’t need to happen while he’s still an active player.

“He’ll be happy here, he loves the good weather,” Mychal said. “I always tell him when he’s retired, he’ll have another 40 years to spend here. He’s in no rush to get back.”

Good to see Mychal and his son are on the same page since Klay recently credited ocean water for his good performance on Sunday. Mychal also added he gets this question even when he’s at the grocery store or the coffee shop, with strangers asking questions about Klay and whether or not he will be playing the Lakers next season to team up with LeBron and take the Purple and Gold to the top spots again.

“I can’t go anywhere,” Mychal said. “Ultimately it’s a compliment: Lakers fans want him to play here. But I don’t think that way. I think the Lakers are gonna be fine. I don’t see Klay coming out here as a savior.”

Klay Thompson is without any hesitation one of the best players in the NBA right now, therefore, he can miss a lot of things but not offers from every team across the association. Free agency is almost here and we’ll see what the next step in Thompson’s career will be.