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Knicks Fans Celebrate After Team Wins Eighth Straight Game

(via @SportsCenter)

(via @SportsCenter)

The New York Knicks haven't been good in some time. Between dysfunction from the front office, a toxic culture, and a history of losing, the team has been the laughing stock of the league for years.

But now, after winning their eighth straight game, the Knicks seem to be turning things around, and a major culture shift could be happening before our very eyes.

Amid the victory, which has the team fourth in the East, fans were seen celebrating and cheering outside the arena.

On Twitter, there were plenty of positive vibes from people who are glad to see the Knicks finally doing well.

While the Knickerbockers haven't done anything in the playoffs yet, their latest stretch (and this season in general) could be a sign that their era of darkness is coming to an end.

With so much buzz and excitement around the team, it's easy to see how free agents might find that attractive.

For now, though, fans are just enjoying the ride -- and nobody can really blame them.