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Knicks Legend Clyde Frasier Calls Out Kevin Durant For Moving To Golden State


Everyone has their own opinion on the Kevin Durant saga that saw him leave the Thunder for their rivals, the Golden State Warriors in 2016.

Knicks television analyst and NBA Hall of Famer, Walt “Clyde” Frazier gave his opinion on Durant and his Finals accomplishments on Thursday when speaking with SiriusXM NBA Radio. Fraizer doesn’t believe that KD deserves a spot amongst the best of the best, saying that “There will be an asterisk by (Durant’s) name.”

Clyde Frazier discussed multiple Durant-based topics including where he compared the gameplay and legacy of Durant to LeBron.

"Durant, I mean, as great a player as he is, I would still hold back because, man, he joined a team that really didn't need him. You know what I mean?" Frazier said. "He's right there with LeBron James, probably will surpass LeBron as the best player in the game soon. But for him doing that, I still don't give him the full credit that he probably would have deserved if he stayed with [the Thunder] and won a title with that team."

“He’s going to be down the list for me because of that. There will be an asterisk next to his name.”

Frazier has a very good resume himself that qualifies himself to discuss this type of topic, he played 10 seasons for the Knicks before he finished off his career in Cleveland for three seasons. During that time, Frazier was apart of two championships with the Knicks, was a seven-time All-Star, and made the All-NBA First Team a total of four times.

A lot of other NBA fans, former players, and media personalities will have the same opinion to Frazier, who believes what KD has achieved is not as notable due to the fact that he joined a team that didn’t need him.

However, Durant’s resume is only expected to grow as he aims for a third-straight Warriors championship this upcoming season.