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Knicks Reportedly “Obsessed” With Masai Ujiri

(via Sportsnet)

(via Sportsnet)

In a report published earlier last week, the Toronto Raptors are legitimately worried that their beloved leader, Masai Ujiri, will leave them for the Knicks.

So far, no tangible evidence has been revealed, and Masai himself has shown nothing but loyalty to his current team.

Today, we are hearing more reports of mutual interest between Ujiri and the Knickerbockers.

(via SNY)

If Mills and Perry are let go after the season, Masai Ujiri will be one of the top candidates on the Knicks' wish list.

Will the Knicks have a shot at landing Ujiri? That's unclear. But once the Knicks started struggling last month, multiple Madison Square Garden people in positions of influence have been 'obsessed' with - and 'enamored' by - the Raptors executive, per SNY sources.

In order to land Ujiri, it will probably take significant money and full autonomy.

Whether Knicks owner James Dolan will grant that kind of autonomy remains to be seen.

With Dolan and the Knicks currently "obsessing" over Masai, they seem to be clearing the way. David Fizdale is gone and Steve Mills could be next. In the midst of multi-year playoff drought, the team is clearly trying to head in a different direction.

It will be interesting to see what their next step is, and if Masai is a part of it.