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Knicks "Very Optimistic" They Can Sign Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant

With all eyes set towards July, the Knicks literally abandoned ship. They essentially gave up their best player for some cap space, a move that outraged many within the community.

But could the Knicks be on to something? Might they know more about what's to come than we do?

In an interesting report by The Athletic's Sam Amick, the Knicks are feeling pretty good about their chances to sign Kevin Durant this July.

"Some rival executives even reported that Knicks officials themselves have been expressing a very high level of optimism on this front."

If the Knicks don't have some sort of confirmation that Durant is seriously interested in their team, than them trading Kristaps doesn't make sense. You only trade your best player if you're getting something in return.

For the Knicks, since they didn't get anything back, must be feeling like they'll land KD... and maybe even another star along with him. In a summer where the Knicks were big underdogs in the superstar chase, they've suddenly become one of the more intriguing teams of the year.

But if they're wrong, than they just traded away their bets hope for the future.

It'll be an intense summer for the Knicks, and that's putting it lightly.