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Kobe And Gianna Murals In L.A. Remain Intact Despite Nationwide Protests

(via LegionHoops)

(via LegionHoops)

The nation has seen no shortage of tragedies lately. From the COVID-19 pandemic to nationwide riots and protests, it seems 2020 has been nothing but chaos.

But even in these times, there are glimmers of hope, love, and respect.

As a result of the protests, many businesses and properties are being damaged, vandalized, or just outright destroyed. In Los Angeles, things have been ugly -- though, even the rioters seem to be showing respect for Kobe Bean Bryant.

Thanks to some photos that have gone viral on the internet, we see that the Kobe and Giannis murals in the city have, amazingly, gone untouched.

The Bryant family was, and still is, the heart of L.A. Upon the deaths of Kobe and his daughter Gianna in January, many in the community were strikes was grief -- and none worse than the city itself.

The values, loyalty, and heart of Kobe and Gianna were good representations of the city and they were people everyone looked up to and respected.

Clearly, none of that has changed -- even in the face of so much much anger. Just goes to show how profound of an impact the family had on the nation and Los Angeles especially. If only they were here to help guide us through these crazy times.