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Kobe Bryant Appears To Help LeBron James In Newest Episode Of Game Of Zones

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

Amid nationwide quarantine and a raging pandemic, it's not the best time to be a sports fan.

Though talks about reopenings are finally starting to begin, it may be weeks (or even months) until we see our favorite players do their thing again.

Fortunately, we have the Game of Zones to keep us occupied. The B/R parody show has become a fan-favorite hit among fans and the most recent episode, especially, has been a huge hit online.

Featuring some of today's "basketball stars," the episode has them on a mission to defeat the infamous "Dream Team." LeBron is being called upon to deal with Michael Jordan but is struggling to come to grips with the height of the challenge. Then, in an awesome "appearance," Kobe Bryant makes a visit to James to offer some wisdom.

In typical Kobe fashion, he preaches strength, bravery, and confidence. He tells James to "cut away self-doubt, insecurity, and distractions."

It was a touching moment and a welcome reminder into the legacy and mentality of Kobe Bean Bryant. He might truly be the first player since Jordan to understand what it takes to be a "killer" on the basketball court.

And though he ain't around to tell us those things anymore, his legacy will continue to live on in all those he's touched -- including LeBron James.