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Kobe Bryant Gives Opinion On Where The Best Fit For LeBron Is


Kobe Bryant is one of the few superstars who's remained with one team his entire career. In fact, he's the only one to play for one team for 20 years. So when he voices his opinion on where the best fit for LeBron James would be, it shouldn't be ignored.

Here's what he said regarding the most recent LBJ sweepstakes, via Benjamin Hoffman of the New York Times:

“Yeah, Cleveland. LeBron could go anywhere and play. If he wants to stay, that’s a great fit for him. Players can adapt. There was a lot of talk about if Durant going to Golden State was a good fit and now that seems silly to say that. Chris Paul going to Houston was ‘is it a great fit?’ and now it seems silly to say that. He’ll make a home wherever he decides to end up.”

While Kobe does stress that The King would be a good fit basically anywhere he goes, he seems to really encourage the idea of LeBron staying in Cleveland. And that's exactly what you'd expect from a guy who played two decades for one franchise.