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Kobe Bryant On Getting Double-Teamed During Pick-Up Games: 'Send Another One'

(via Business Pundit)

(via Business Pundit)

We know Kobe Bryant is not a regular guy and we learned that during his playing days when he showed his fierceness and desire to compete and be better every time. Moreover, Kobe has revealed that he wanted to give his everything always, even if it was during workouts.

The Los Angeles Lakers legend not only used to get double-teamed during pick-up games, he actually embraced it and encouraged rivals to double team him. If that wasn’t enough, he told the other team to send one more guy to make it a triple-team. That’s Kobe right there.

During a recent appearance on The Athletic’s Knuckleheads podcast, Kobe discussed this topic and explained how it was during his days. This reminds us of a situation Devin Booker lived last month when he asked some players not to double on him, saying ‘I get that s--t all season…’

Even though Kobe didn’t reflect on this specific subject, his latest comments could help people understand why some fans were mad about Booker’s reaction.

“Say, ‘you gotta send another one,’” Kobe said on getting double-teamed. “Yeah, you gotta send another one, man.”

This guy was never afraid of competition, and he knows that that kind of stuff prepared him for the situations he could live during a game. He was an assassin on the court and now you get to know how he became so good at it.

It’s not like Booker did a bad thing asking players not to double team him, but you see the difference between his generation and Kobe’s, where players took advantage of everything to become better at any aspect of the game.