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Kobe Bryant On If He'd Return To The NBA For Easy Championship: "No. I Like My Rings The Hard Way."

(via FloHoops)

(via FloHoops)

Kobe Bryant isn't down for taking the easy way out, even if it means getting a Championship in the process. In an appearance on the Kristen Ledlow and Candace Parker Podcast, Kobe quickly shot down the idea he would ever return to the NBA for an "easy" ring.

“No, no, no,” said the Mamba. “I like my rings the hard way. I like to fight through them and earn them that way. I don’t like to jump into the easy route, so I wouldn’t take it.”

The 2x Finals MVP won 5 Championships in his 20-year tenure as a Laker. With Shaquille O'Neal and Phil Jackson, Bryant helped lead the franchise to three straight titles in the early 2000s, cementing himself as an All-Time talent.

In 2009 and 20010, he won two more, and proved to the world he could win without the help of another superstar.

Unlike today, Bryant remained loyal to the Lakers for his entire career, taking them through the good times and the bad. Don't expect him to change that mentality now that he has had some time away from the professional court.