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Kobe Bryant On LeBron James: “He Is Now A Laker, He Is Part Of Our Brotherhood, Part Of Our Fraternity, And We Should Embrace Him That Way.”

(via The Los Angeles Times)

(via The Los Angeles Times)

Given the rivalry that existed between Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, it was hard to imagine Los Angeles fans rooting for the King under any circumstances. Now that Bron is with the Lakers, that looks a little different, but there are still plenty of fans who don’t like James being part of their team.

When James decided to sign with the Purple and Gold, some fans declared he would never be able to fill Kobe Bryant’s shoes as a franchise icon. However, as Bron prepares to pass Bryant on the all-time scoring list, Kobe took the time and suggested for Laker fans to praise James for his commitment to the franchise (via Bill Plaschke of the Los Angeles Times):

“When LeBron came to Los Angeles, he is now a Laker, he is part of our brotherhood, part of our fraternity, and we should embrace him that way,” Kobe Bryant said.

And, by the way, he acknowledged the dude is doing something pretty amazing, and urged everyone to give props.

“You got to celebrate … appreciate what he is as an athlete while he is here” he added. “Appreciate this guy, celebrate what he’s done, because it’s truly remarkable.”

LeBron had a very good start to the season last year, but injuries played a big role for the Lakers who didn’t make the playoffs. Things are considerably different now that Anthony Davis is part of the team.

LeBron is having one of the finer offensive seasons of his career, averaging 25.5 points and an NBA-best 10.9 assists per game while leading the Lakers to a 34-8 record, the best mark in the Western Conference.

Nobody will ever replace Kobe as the most beloved player in Los Angeles, but there is no doubt that Bron is trying to give his best every night and take this team to the promised land. If he can deliver a title with the Purple and Gold, things will change for the King.