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Kobe Bryant On Who Is The NBA's Best Duo: "It Doesn't Matter"

(via CBS Sports)

(via CBS Sports)

With the age of superteams a thing of the past, the league is now dominated by dynamic duos. Pairs of stars like LeBron and Anthony Davis, Paul George and Kawhi, and Westbrook and Harden are the ones near the top of the food chain.

But which is the best? In a parity-driven league, it might be hard to decide which new combo deserves the edge over the rest.

But, according to NBA legend Kobe Bryant (who was once a part of his own powerful partnership), it doesn't really matter unless you consider the parts around them.

(via ESPN)

“It doesn’t matter. I think it matters what they put around those two guys, and then what is the offensive and defensive system they’re going to be executing. You could have marquee names and put those marquee names together, and guess if they could play together or not, but it ultimately comes down to what system do you have them in and how does that affect the rest of the guys.”

Kobe is right in that there are many moving parts to true contending teams. Besides the stars, the role-players, coaching staff, and front-office have to come together to make everything work.

So, when you ask which duo should be favored to win it all this season, perhaps you should look at those who surround them. The NBA goes much deeper than star-power, after all.