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In 2018 Kobe Bryant Responded On The GOAT Debate: 'We Can Enjoy One Without Tearing Down One. I Love What He’s Doing. Don’t Debate What Can’t Be Definitively Won By Anyone.'

(via Fadeaway World)

(via Fadeaway World)

Kobe Bryant was an amazing basketball player. His natural talent and genius when it came to the game of basketball were unprecedented and it showed in all that he was able to accomplish over the course of his career.

Despite his passing this past January, Kobe's legacy continues to live on in the lives of fans all over the world.

In regards to all the drama surrounding the GOAT debate between LeBron and Jordan, some are turning to some words by Kobe on the subject to put everything in the right perspective.

He tweeted this back in 2018 and honestly, it couldn't be more relevant to what's going on today.

The MJ documentary is bringing a lot of hype around the Bulls and the GOAT debate in general. People are arguing over the topic now than they ever have before.

But no matter who you feel is the true greatest of all-time, we can appreciate both LeBron and Michael without tearing down the other. They are both amazingly talented basketball players and each has their own unique playstyles. Instead of comparing, contrasting, and ranking, perhaps we should just sit back and appreciate how good both of them are.

The GOAT debate is one that will likely never be solved and people will continue to rant on the topic for years. Hopefully, however, we remember that it's okay to like one, or both, without necessarily trashing anyone else.

Greatness, after all, comes in all different shapes and sizes.