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Kobe Bryant Said Klay, Steph Curry 'Have A Strong Killer Instinct'

(via Yahoo! Sports)

(via Yahoo! Sports)

The Golden State Warriors have enjoyed years of unprecedented prosperity behind the play of their two stars Steph Curry and Klay Thompson. As the greatest shooting duo ever, their offensive repertoire makes the team virtually unstoppable when they're healthy and at the top of their game.

Believe it or not, Kobe Bean Bryant once called them "killers" in recognition of their fearless attitude on the basketball court.

"There’s several of them out there right now that approach the game extremely, extremely seriously," Bryant said in an interview with ESPN. "I get a kick out of watching Golden State play, because they seem very unassuming. You know, Klay and Steph seem very calm and (like) nice guys. Those guys are stone-cold killers, man. They don’t care about what you think of them. They don’t care about if they make a game-winning shot or miss it. They’re out there to do their job, and they have a very strong sense of killer instinct."

This quote came from Bryant's lips back in the summer of 2016. And although he's no longer with us now, it doesn't make what he said any less true.

In the years following that statement, the Warriors would go on to win two more NBA Championships and cement their place among history as one of the All-Time great dynasties. Thanks to injury and offseason changes, the Dubs weren't able to continue their success this season, but don't expect them down for too long.

With the Splash Bros ready to go for the next campaign, you can bet they'll be there torching up the league and winning a whole lot of games in the process. Kobe called it as he saw it and the Golden State backcourt is proving him right almost every step of the way.