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Kobe Bryant Says Rob Pelinka Doesn’t Need His Help To Recruit Free Agents

(via Sports Illustrated)

(via Sports Illustrated)

It’s well known that Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka have a close relationship, which has taken people to believe that Pelinka could use Kobe's influence in his attempts to attract free agents to the Lakers organization.

However, Bryant thinks it's better to distance himself from the team’s affairs. He recently visited Jimmy Kimmel Live, where he discussed a lot of topics, including his relationship with Pelinka and how confident he is in his former agent’s capability to handle business for the Purple and Gold.

“No, I stay away from it. I’m real close with Rob obviously, and we’ll talk often, just as a sounding board for him.

“I stay away from that stuff. And Rob is more than capable of handling the job and all the pressure that comes along with that.”

The Lakers are arguably the most famous basketball team in the world, so it would be crazy to think that they need some kind of help to recruit players. They have had some of the best players of all time, have a rich history full of titles, and that makes the case for them.

Last season they landed LeBron James in free agency, and this offseason Pelinka boosted the team’s roster by way of veteran acquisitions such as Danny Green, Quinn Cook, Avery Bradley, and Jared Dudley. They also signed DeMarcus Cousins but Boogie tore his ACL a couple of weeks ago, which took the team to sign Dwight Howard, who played with the Californians in the 2012/13 season.

Kobe’s help wouldn’t be rejected if he ever offers it, but as far as he’s concerned, neither Pelinka nor the Lakers need his assistance.