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Kobe Bryant Says That His Goal Was Winning 8 Championships

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Kobe Bryant had a career full of success, winning five NBA championships, two NBA Finals MVP awards and earning 18 calls to the All-Star game. He had a terrific career if you see his accolades.

However, there is one thing Bryant failed to do during his 20-year tenure in the association.

Appearing at "All The Smoke" the 41-year-old retired NBA star shared one of his frustrations. He feels he fell short with his championship collection, as he intended to win 8 championships and surpass other greats like Michael Jordan.

"It pissed me off. But, things are what they are. You push for a goal, and my original goal was to try to win 8. You push for it. Push for it. Push for it, and you do the best you can," said Bryant (29:10).

Nevertheless, he said he’s happy with the things he did on the court. Bryant revealed that he feels comfortable, knowing he worked hard as he possibly could when he was still actively playing in the NBA.

His five championships put him on a great list, as not everybody has done the same.

That mentality of going for more is what makes Kobe one of the greatest. He was a killer on the floor who didn’t hesitate to go for everything, becoming one of the biggest idols for the Lakers fans in the process. Still, if he won those eight rings, there wouldn’t be much to say against Kobe being the GOAT.