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Kobe Bryant Will Get A Street Named After Him In Los Angeles



Kobe Bean Bryant Bryant may have dominated the basketball court, but he was more than an athlete. He was an inspiration, a role-model, and an advocate for life's great values: hard work, determination, and a killer-mentality.

He was a star not just for what he did, but also for who he was.

And now, six months after his death, on the first-annual "Kobe Day," he is having a street named after him in the city he spent over two decades in.

Having a street named in your honor is no joke and really demonstrates how important he is to the city.

He spent his entire career playing for the Lakers, earning them 5 NBA titles as he made 18 All-Star appearances. When his career ended in 2016, he continued his success, winning an Oscar, raising his daughters, and mentoring younger basketball stars.

During the Lakers' game tonight, they will honor him by wearing custom-made "Black Mamba" jerseys on the court.

The dude was special and I'm sure I speak for everyone in the basketball community when I say we miss you, Kobe.