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Kobe Bryant Introducing Himself To Lakers Teammates As A Rook: "I'm Kobe... I'm Not Gonna Let Anyone In The NBA Punk Me. So Be Warned."

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Kobe Bryant entered the NBA ready to shock everybody and even though his first seasons weren't the best, he made sure to make a good impression among his teammates. We have plenty of stories to tell about KB24, as he started trash-talking people the first moment he landed in the league.

During a recent episode of ESPN's 'The Jump,' the crew was remembering some of the most memorable intros in NBA history. One that couldn't miss was Kobe's, who made it clear for the first moment that he wasn't one to mess with (0:57 mark).

"Yo, I'm Kobe. Kobe Bryant. I'm from PA -- went to Lower Merion High School, dominated everything. (...) I just want y'all to know, nobody is gonna punk me. I'm not gonna let anyone in the NBA punk me. So be warned."

That is classic Kobe, always letting people know he was ready to defend himself no matter who was in front of him. That's how he managed himself during his career and the results speak for themselves. He left the league as one of the greatest players ever after winning five championships and as one of the most respected names in the game. Kobe was just different and he demonstrated that as soon as he set foot in the NBA.