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Kobe On His First Game Against MJ: "He Was Dunking The Ball Before I Knew What The Hell Happened." Running Back Down The Court MJ Said: "Lot Faster In Person, Isn't It."

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan have always been part of the GOAT debate. Even though every fan has a favorite, we just have to be happy that we witnessed these two playing this game and showing why they’re considered two of the greatest ever.

Moreover, we have to appreciate the duels these two have on the court, as they were always fierce and full of competitiveness. A good story to tell is the first duel between MJ and Bryant when the Chicago Bulls icon sent a message to a young Kobe. In an old interview, the Lakers legend remembered the first of several clashes between these titans.

"He [Jordan] was dunking the ball before I knew what the hell happened. I was like oh s*%t, that was pretty f@%*ing cool." Running back down the court MJ said: "'Lot faster in person, isn't it,” Bryant remembered.

All of their games were very competitive, with both players taunting each other every single time only to get the best out of the rival. In the end, they both had a good relationship, with Jordan calling Kobe ‘a little brother’ after his tragic death.

One would prefer to talk about these anecdotes with Kobe still with us, but his memory and the great moments he gave us make us think he’s still here and will never leave us.