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Kobe says NO to substitution, then hits 4 straight jumpshots against Brooklyn Nets

Kobe Bryant Says No To Substitution, Then Hits 4 Straight Jumpshots

Has a player ever refused to go to the bench in crunch time?

Do you remember when Kobe refusing to go out after getting into foul trouble and waving off his sub?

Kobe picked up 2 early fouls in this game at home vs. the Nets. D'Antoni was about to pull him out during the free throws, but Kobe refused and motioned to his coach that he wanted to stay in. He goes on to hit 4 straight jumpers to start the game 5/5 from the field, forcing a timeout and embarrassing Deron Williams in the process.

Watch the video. Mamba Mentality. Who else has the confidence to refuse a substitution and after that to hit jumpers? Only MJ and Kobe.


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