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Kristaps Porzingis' Stats Are Only Comparable To Young LeBron James


The New York Knicks have not seen success for a while.

The front office, the coaching staff, the roster, it's all been a complete disaster. Even without Phil Jackson running the show, New York city basketball continues to take a nose dive towards rock bottom.

But even a team as lost as the New York Knicks has its bright spot, and his name is Kristaps Porzingis.

At first, fans didn't buy in. They booed him on draft day and hardly gave him a chance before starting his Rookie season.

But eventually, Porzingis proved them all wrong. He proved to be the star New York had hoped he'd become. In fact, the numbers he has put up in his first two NBA seasons has only been matched by a guy named LeBron James.

LeBron and Kristaps are the only two players in NBA history to amass 1,000 rebounds, 150 made 3s and 100 blocks in their first two seasons. Literally, KP is only one of two to ever do it. When you consider all of the legends the NBA has hosted over years, that's quite the telling stat.

ESPN in their annual " Top 100 Players of The Year" article, listed Porzingis as the 22nd best player in the entire league. If he's already nearing the top 20, where could he be in a few more years?

The kid may not necessarily be the next LeBron James. He may not even be the next Dirk. But at the very least, his stellar performance during these early two years of his career should be getting everyone pretty excited.