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Kwame Brown Believes That Ben Simmons Could Be A Good Fit On The Boston Celtics: "Celtics Might Be Okay."

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Ben Simmons and Jayson Tatum

Ben Simmons has been in a stand-off with the Philadelphia 76ers, who have thus far refused to honor his trade request as there has been a lack of good deals for the 3-time All-Star. However, it is still quite possible that he will get moved in the future.

As an all-around player, Ben Simmons is someone that brings a lot of positives to the table but is also someone that requires certain pieces on the roster to succeed. As Ben Simmons is a non-shooter who slashes to the rim for his points, it is crucial to have good 3PT marksmen on the perimeter.

Kwame Brown has recently suggested that a team that could be a good fit for the Philadelphia 76ers is the Boston Celtics. Brown cited Al Horford as being a solid stretch big man, who can help the Celtics potentially space the floor for Simmons, and stated that Ben Simmons has to be surrounded by shooters, as defenses will "sag off" him if he's not.

Good question. The Celtics playing a little shaky... Ben Simmons is gonna have to go around more shooters... Celtics might be okay. Horford... he's a shooter. Ben Simmons is gonna have to go around all shooters, I'm talking about 1-4 s*it, 1-5. He's gonna have to be around shooters, or they're gonna sag off him... They're gonna force him to shoot jumpers.

The Boston Celtics may have found a way to trade for Ben Simmons without including Jaylen Brown in a trade package, and if they were able to do so, the Celtics would become a ferocious team with their own big 3. There's little doubt that they would improve from their current position.

The Celtics will certainly face a lot of obstacles in getting Ben Simmons if they were to attempt it, as other teams can offer better trade packages. It remains to be seen if Ben Simmons will get traded to the Boston Celtics, but it's not impossible.