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Kyle Korver: 'LeBron James Is ‘Going To Be Dunking A Basketball When He’s 70’

(via Silver Screen and Roll)

(via Silver Screen and Roll)

When it comes to fighting against time itself, LeBron seems to have the secret to victory.

Unfortunately, he has yet to reveal what that secret might be -- but it doesn't mean we can ignore what he's doing. At nearly 35-years-old, King James is in the midst of one of his best seasons as a pro, averaging 25.8 points, 10.6 assists, and 7.5 rebounds on 49% shooting.

He doesn't appear to have lost a step. And, according to his former teammate Kyle Korver, the guy will be throwing it down long after he's stepped away from the professional court.

“He is unbelievable, his ability to recover," Korver said, via Joe Vardon of The Athletic. "I don’t know when he chooses to stop playing, how old he is, I feel like he still has a bunch of good years at this level. At some point you get older and your body doesn’t recover quite as fast as you want it to. But he’s still going to be dunking a basketball when he’s 70. He’s like Vince Carter in that way. They are going to be able to jump and dunk as long as they’re alive.”

Of course, on a serious note, we know a big part of James' success is the way he takes care of his body. He is careful and thoughtful when it comes to his body. He spends millions on bodily care alone and works hard to keep himself strong, flexible, and (ultimately) durable over the course of a long season.

And while his time will eventually come, it seems James is just cut from a different cloth when it comes to this type of thing.