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Kyle Korver On How Allen Iverson Helped Him Be Confident As A Rookie: "He Always Had His Arm Around Me, ‘Shooter, Shoot The Ball.'"


Kyle Korver is one of those players that lifted his level every year until he became one of the best at his thing. The former NBA player was one of the best sharpshooters during his time, sinking 3-pointers like candy during his career. 

He started in a very complex situation, playing for the Philadelphia 76ers in the mid-2000s. The shooting guard landed in a team with one of the biggest names in NBA history, one that changed the game of basketball with his personality on and off the court. 

Allen Iverson was one of the best in the game when Korver landed in Philly as a second-rounder. Contrary to what many stars do, The Answer embraced the rookie and supported him while gaining confidence in his game and shot. 

Talking with JJ Redick, Korver recalls how different AI was for him and the importance of the player in his career.

"AI was amazing to me. I was a second-round pick, and I am not guaranteed the first year or the second year, and what you need more than anything was some confidence. So we didn’t have anybody on the team that could shoot at all. So if you can’t shoot, why would I pass it to you? I will just shoot it. He had his arm around me every day, saying shot the ball and breeding confidence in me. He is a legend, and he is in another stratosphere. His legendary, iconic career and personality and to have that person with me encouraging was amazing for me."

Korver was a huge admirer of Iverson. The 2001 NBA MVP was on another level and everybody loved to see him do his thing on the court. He was just more than that and Kyle discovered the many layers of Iverson's personality. 

"He was the most talented individual; he could do anything. Whether it was sports, basketball obviously, watch him throw a football like a laser. He could sing, draw. He would draw these characters of people on the bus or in the locker room, and it was the funniest thing ever. Whatever he put his mind to, with a little bit of work, he was going to figure it out."

AI left a huge mark in the game of basketball. His contributions will never be forgotten, especially when players like Korver remember how great and impactful Iverson was for his career. Arguably the most talented player to ever set foot on an NBA court, Allen was great and one of the most charismatic people in the league. 

Just like Korver, he never won a ring, but his game put him among the greatest players of all time.