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Kyle Kuzma After Game 1 Loss To The Blazers: “I Slept Good Last Night. It’s Just Basketball, At The End Of The Day."

(via International Business Times

(via International Business Times

Following their Game 1 loss against the Blazers, the L.A. Lakers have been the talk of the town these past few days.

Considering they have been underperforming since they first arrived in the bubble, many are concerned that L.A.'s problems may be a permanent, lingering issue instead of a temporary one.

With Game 2 set to take place in a few hours, the media was gauging the feelings of Lakers players in light of their current situation. The Athletic's Joe Vardon got quite an interesting quote from Kyle Kuzma:

“I slept good last night,” said Kyle Kuzma. “It’s just basketball, at the end of the day. Obviously it’s playoffs, it’s high pressure, but this is basketball.”

He's not wrong and there is definitely a line that needs to be drawn between basketball and your own personal life.

But this is probably not the type of thing the fans, his teammates, or the organization wants to hear right now, especially considering how much they need him to step up in these playoffs.

Kuz has been pretty underwhelming all season long and while he is capable of dropping 20+ points on any given night, his inconsistency has been a major inconvenience to the club.

If they are to beat the Blazers, they will need intensity, grit, and a whole lot of production from the supporting cast.

Let's hope Kuz can step up to the call, cause he sure doesn't seem to be all that worried about it.