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Kyle Kuzma And Donovan Mitchell's Epic Reactions To NBA Snitch Hotline

Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

The NBA has done a pretty job creating the guidelines for players during their stay in the bubble location in Orlando. They made sure to give everything the players need to feel comfortable and part of a good environment, but not everything is perfect.

One thing that has been raising plenty of eyebrows is the creation of an anonymous hotline that can be used to report violators of the protocols in the bubble city. There is nothing wrong with this since the league is always putting the players' health over anything, but this won't be a fairy tale for players themselves.

Kyle Kuzma of the Los Angeles Lakers and Utah Jazz's Donovan Mitchell reacted to the creation of this 'tool', labeling as a 'snitch hotline'.

"Oh they snitchin snitchin," Mitchell wrote on Twitter.

"Snitch hotline lol," Kuzma said.

Obviously, this could be used wrongly and affect other teams and other players. Fans started joking with this, but there might be a lot of truth behind all the memes.

The league created a good plan for everything, including rules violation. This move is going to make a lot of noise around the bubble if it's not used properly. They need to be careful about it.