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Kyle Kuzma Claims The Lakers Aren't Worried About Blazers

Kyle Kuzma Claims The Lakers Aren't Worried About Blazers

If you're a Lakers fan worried about your team facing the dangerous Portland Trail Blazers led by Damian Lillard in the first round of the playoffs, think again because Kyle Kuzma is anything but worried about the Blazers.

Most people believe the Blazers will get that 8th seed in the West and eliminate the Memphis Grizzlies, Phoenix Suns and San Antonio Spurs. That said, the Lakers are getting ready to face their rivals in the postseason, but Kuz's confidence is through the roof, given his recent statements about the Blazers.

Following the Lakers practice session on Wednesday, Kuzma was asked about his first playoffs appearance.

"I'm really excited because the playoffs kind of show you what you're made of... You see the difference between the guys that love the game of basketball and the guys who love the lifestyle."

When asked about the Blazers and the inspired Damian Lillard, Kuzma replied:

"No, it's not a worse-case scenario. Any time you can get tested early in the playoffs helps you out in the later rounds... We're war ready. We're ready to play anybody"

The Trail Blazers have been on fire in recent days, with Lillard scoring 112 points in his last two games. They look ready to snap that 8th seed in the West and go face the Lakers to try to keep their momentum. Lillard is ready to shock the world with his team, but Kuzma doesn't seem to be bothered by that.