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Kyle Kuzma Finally Changed His Hair Color And Fans Couldn't Be Happier

(via Kyle Kuzma/Instagram)

(via Kyle Kuzma/Instagram)

The Lakers have had a pretty dominant season so far. Amid a successful partnership between LeBron James and Anthony Davis, the team has performed well -- cementing the #1 seed in the Conference.

But this season hasn't come without controversy for L.A., and Kyle Kuzma's hair color has been a regular topic of conversation. After dyeing his hair blonde a few months ago, he received a sizeable amount of criticism.

So when he finally decided to revert back to his original color, it made many people very thankful.

Comments quickly started flooding the comment section as people made jokes and memes about getting rid of the blonde.

People seem really excited about "black hair Kuzma." Part of the reason may be how much he has been struggling lately. His best season, by far, was his rookie year, in which he shocked the world with his well-rounded and potent offensive game.

This season, he has struggled to find his niche and his performance has taken a noticeable hit.

Maybe reverting back to an old look will help Kyle restore his old game? Whatever the case, the Lakers will need him in top condition if they want any hope of bringing home an NBA Championship this summer.