Kyle Kuzma Has Removed The Lakers From His Instagram Bio

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Kyle Kuzma has set the alarms at Staples Center after removing the Los Angeles Lakers from his Instagram bio. The young forward has been subjected to criticism in the past couple of seasons after failing to become the third-string on the lineup. 

Having LeBron James and Anthony Davis as the two best players on the team has proven to be an issue for Kuz, who couldn't make that leap.

This year, more Lakers fans want Kuzma out of the team, and it seems like his wish could be granted soon. The player removed the Los Angeles Lakers from his Instagram bio, only leaving his location visible and describing himself as an NBA champion. 

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Lakers Nation saw this as great news, and most of them started celebrating and trolling Kuzma. Others, however, defended the player, saying he improved his game but not the one that people see. 

Kuzma was celebrated this season for his effort on the defensive end of the ball. The forward isn't the best scorer of all, but he can do the dirty job that a team needs. That's why the coaching staff appreciates him. 

But, fans are asking him more than the team, and that is creating issues for the player. He is one of the 20 players that could be traded this offseason. People already started identifying possible destinations for him. Trading Kuzma for Kemba Walker could be a good option for the Lakers. Yet, time will tell if the front office makes this move.