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Kyle Kuzma On LeBron James: "Being Tired Is Just In Your Head… That Dude’s A Beast. If He Says He Doesn’t Get Tired, He Doesn’t Get Tired."

(via Yahoo Sports)

(via Yahoo Sports)

LeBron James has recently led the Los Angeles Lakers to an overtime win against the Oklahoma City Thunder recently. It has been his most recent game where he has played more than 40 MPG. As James gets older, it gets more impressive by the day that he is able to put up huge minutes yet still perform night in and night out. That sort of longevity is legendary.

Kyle Kuzma has recently talked about one thing that LeBron James has taught him about being tired. He also complimented LeBron James, saying that James doesn't get tired.

It seems as though Kyle Kuzma is praising LeBron James for his ability to will himself to find the energy in order to bring his team a win. It shows a tremendous amount of experience for someone to be able to do that and that sort of willpower is an excellent example for his teammates. LeBron James is able to push his body to the maximum due to his elite mindset. When it is necessary, LeBron James always steps up.

LeBron James is one of the athletes on this planet that is able to win his team to a win when it really matters. This has shown in his recent dominance despite his age, and he even has the potential to win the MVP award.