Kyle Kuzma On What He Wants To Improve Next Year: “I Think The No. 1 Thing That Could Really Help Me Is Just Adding A Handle To My Game, Because I Think That Definitely Limits Me A Little Bit"

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(via Lakers Daily)

(via Lakers Daily)

Kyle Kuzma finished an NBA season amid plenty of criticism. The Los Angeles Lakers forward showed interesting things during the regular season, but that didn't prevent fans from criticizing him. 

The Lakers are reportedly 'looking to trade him' but the player has vowed to get better for the next campaign. With LeBron James aging and Anthony Davis dealing with injuries, the purple and gold need more help from their role players, and Kuz is ready for the challenge. 

Kyle recalled that he's had different roles on the team over the years and next campaign won't be different. 

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“For me, when I first came into the league, I was drafted here and the situation really allowed me to spread my wings and become a scorer and really take on that,” Kuzma said. “And then as people come, LeBron James comes, Anthony Davis, I had to take another role and fit in, and that was to become a team player. That was to become a defensive-minded player."

“This year, I had a little bit of all that: playing a winning-style, role-player role, but then also — when those guys were out — trying to become a guy that had a little bit more into his role. And I think this year has really allowed me to understand where I can be, and what kind of player I think I can be in this league, and I’m just super, super excited for this summer.

When talking about the next thing for him, Kuzma revealed that he wants to add handles to his game, making everything easier for him. 

“I think the No. 1 thing that could really help me is just adding a handle to my game, because I think that definitely limits me a little bit, because I’ve shown great strides this year from a defensive standpoint, making the right play, my playmaking has been better this year. I had a career year shooting the ball from three, and I think if I have a handle, it’s just going to make everything come together. And that’s the No. 1 thing that I’m really harping on this summer.”

This summer is very important for the Lakers. They have plenty of questions to answer, with several players linked to other franchises around the league. This is tricky for the 17-time NBA champions, and fans only hope that they return stronger next season.