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Kyle Kuzma Receives Warning From The NBA After Tweeting To Refs Official Account

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The NBA referee Twitter account got a little sassy last week, calling out Chris Webber for "incorrectly" suggesting that Kyle Kuzma was unfairly called for a foul while guarding Houston’s James Harden last Thursday.

The feed claims that the fans deserve "accurate" analysis and that both cases are clear and obvious fouls.

Following all this, and after the Lakers' 115-110 loss against the Nets on Tuesday, Kyle Kuzma lashed back, well, sort of. He just kind of asked if he could get fined for tweeting back at the account.

At its face, one could think this was nothing but a question. But, no doubt, Kuzma's intentions weren't necessarily kind, probably finding disagreement with the way they called out Chris Webber, and the way they've been calling their games. And, of course, the NBA responded.

They issued a warning to Kyle Kuzma, according to Erik García Gundersen, deciding that the tweet by Kuzma was "too negative."

Remember, the Lakers recently held a silent protest against the officials during the tail-end of that December 13th game in Houston. Led by LeBron, the Lakers put their hands behind their back when defending the Rockets during those last few possessions.

Clearly, with all this in mind, there seems to be some sort of cold war breaking out between the players and the refs. Nothing is likely to change, but maybe the NBA should consider it if some of the players and fans continue to feel so strongly about the subject.