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Kyle Kuzma Reveals Why He Dapped Up Evan Mobley After Up And Under Move: "I Just Saw The Closest Thing To George Gervin In The Flesh."

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Evan Mobley doing reverse layup

Evan Mobley has been many people's pick for the Rookie of the Year award for quite some time now. That is due to him already being a stellar defender as a rookie, something that doesn't happen that often. Currently, Evan Mobley is averaging 14.3 PPG, 8.1 RPG, 2.4 APG, and 1.8 BPG for the season.

While he is known for his defensive prowess, Evan Mobley has a fairly good offensive game. In a recent game against the Washington Wizards, Evan Mobley finished a superb up-and-under layup. That move impressed even his opposition, as forward Kyle Kuzma had to give him five afterward.

Kyle Kuzma has recently explained why he dapped up Evan Mobley and compared him to former Spurs legend George Gervin. Gervin was particularly well-known for his finishing around the rim, so the comparison makes absolute sense within the context of this particular play.

You damn right I’m going to dap him up. I just saw the closest thing to George Gervin in the flesh!!!

The Cleveland Cavaliers have had a surprisingly good season, and it is likely that they will finish the year as a playoff team and avoid the play-in tournament. A large part of their success has been Evan Mobley being a rookie that is able to contribute immediately, and he has allowed them to run a two-big lineup next to Jarrett Allen. Hopefully, we see this sort of play from Evan Mobley continue, and he has certainly looked like a special talent thus far.  

Evan Mobley could potentially develop into an elite big man, and Anthony Davis has even claimed that Mobley possesses some similar attributes that he did when entering the league. We will see if he ends up becoming a superstar big like Davis himself, but this year has certainly been a great start to his career.