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Kyle Kuzma Says Everybody On Lakers Is Trying To Prove Something: "AD Is Trying To Win A Ring. Bron Is Trying To Win One In LA. I'm Trying To Establish Myself Just Down The Line. Dwight's Redemption. "



In the midst of a dominant season, the Lakers might have had their most impressive win yet. Sans LeBron and Anthony Davis, the Lakers beat the 7th seeded Thunder 125-110 in Chesapeake Energy Arena.

It was a gallant effort from the group. Kuzma dropped 36 points on 62% shooting, Rondo scored 21 points to go along with 12 rebounds and 8 assists, and Dwight Howard tallied 12 points and 14 rebounds in the victory.

Following the win, the game's leading scorer, Kyle Kuzma, commented on how his team was able to pull away without their best players, and how the team as a whole has been able to be so darn good this campaign.

"Everybody on this team has something to prove. AD is trying to win a ring. Bron is trying to win one in LA. I'm trying to establish myself just down the line. Dwight's redemption. We don't take games lightly. We're just a tight-knit group and we want to go out and dominate every game."

Everybody is playing with a chip on their shoulder. For guys like Rondo, Dwight, and KCP, they're trying to prove they still belong in the league, despite what the naysayers may be saying.

For Davis and Bron, they are trying to win a ring in the city of Angels, to forever mark their place in history.

And for Kuzma, he's playing for his future. He has to prove what he is capable of now so that he can show the world the star he knows he is.

A team like that, with so much to prove, is pretty tough for anyone to beat, especially when the stakes are highest.