Kyle Kuzma Says LeBron James Should Have Won At Least 8, 9, 10 MVP Awards

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Kyle Kuzma Says LeBron James Should Have Won At Least 8, 9, 10 MVP Awards

Kyle Kuzma has made the case for his teammate LeBron James, claiming he should have had more MVP awards than the four he's earned during his successful 18-year career. The King has been the best player in the world for a while now and he's had terrific seasons that were considered MVP-caliber for a lot of fans.

A lot of people believe Bron should have more MVPs in his résumé and Kuzma dared to say the number of awards he should have in his house right now. The young forward recently said that LBJ was deserving of at least 8 MVPs in his career.

"The NBA MVP is a very political award," Kuzma said after the Lakers' 116-105 win over the Charlotte Hornets on Thursday, via ESPN. "Bron should have been the MVP at least eight, nine, 10 times. Everybody knows that."

LeBron agreed with those claims, not dropping a specific name but admitting he feels like he should have been named the most valuable player in the league more than four times.

"I should have more than four, I believe," James said. "But ... I don't sit around thinking about it or crying about it, or whatever the case may be. I just try to come in the next season and be the MVP and be talked about [for] it again. I bet a lot of the greatest that played this game feel like they should have more as well, if you ask any one of those guys."

"This is another opportunity for me to able to be recognized as the best player for that particular season, and this season. So, hopefully, I can continue to just play great basketball and see what happens at the end."

The King is trying to lead the Lakers to win the NBA championship for the second consecutive year and his recent performances with the team only confirm that he's ready to keep collecting MVP awards. With Joel Embiid's injury, the door is open for Bron to grab the prize and tie Michael Jordan and Bill Russell with five.

Without Anthony Davis by his side, the Lakers have entered a very good streak and that is a big reason why he should be the clear favorite to win the award. There are other players like James Harden, Nikola Jokic, and even Kyrie Irving, who could aspire to the award but nobody seems to be able to beat the 36-year-old.