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Kyle Kuzma Scored A Game-Winner Against His Hometown Team And Waved Off The Pistons Crowd

Kyle Kuzma Calls Out Lakers Ahead Of Return With Washington Wizards: 'Now I Can Be Myself And Not Dummy Down'

Playing in your hometown is always special. But sometimes, you will have to be the one to break their hearts. Many NBA players will have experienced this, playing for different franchises while facing their hometown team. Kyle Kuzma was the latest to face this scenario but actually sent a message to the fans of his hometown.

During the Wizards' game against the Detroit Pistons, Kyle Kuzma scored a dagger three-pointer that ended up being the game-winner. Kuzma, who is from Detroit, then went on to wave off the crowd present in his hometown of Detroit. Perhaps it was a small moment of personal redemption for Kuzma.

Even LeBron James, Kuzma's former teammate with the Lakers, was hyped to see Kuz make this game-winning shot, reacting to it on Twitter. This shot perfectly sums up how Kuzma's season has been going since he got traded from the Lakers and joined the Washington Wizards.

Now given the opportunity to be a star, Kuzma is living up to that. He is performing well on a more consistent basis, and shots like the one he made against Detroit show that he can be relied upon during big moments in the game to step up and help out his teammates.

Aside from the game-winner, Kuzma actually had a decent game, scoring 26 points for the Wizards. And he's been averaging 12.9 points and 8.4 rebounds per game this season, consistently performing now that he has a chance to play more regularly in a starting role.

In Los Angeles, Kuzma had to play behind LeBron James and Anthony Davis because they were superstars that played in his position. Now, it is Kuzma's time to become a reliable starter for the Wizards, and show that he can live up to the potential everyone has suggested that he has possessed.