Kyle Kuzma Sends A Strong Message To Haters On New Puma Ad

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Kyle Kuzma Sends A Strong Message To Haters On New Puma Ad

Kyle Kuzma has been under fire in recent times due to his performances the past season with the Los Angeles Lakers. The young player was expected to blossom into a star this season alongside Anthony Davis and LeBron James but he underperformed, earning a lot of criticism from Lakers fans and the rest of the NBA community.

Kuzma has been getting a lot of shots recently, even deactivating his Twitter account, but now he's back and has a big message for his haters. Appearing on a new advertisement video for Puma, Kuzma showed his new signature shoes and made it clear that he's ready to fight until he gets the respect of those that are always trying to clown him on social media.

“To whom much is given, much is expected,” Kuzma said in the ad before listing numerous critical messages and tweets. “But no one talks about the mental toll of expectation. Yeah, I hear you. I hear the chatter. ‘He’s not good enough. He’s not worth it. Trade him.’

“Nowadays, everyone wants to be a critic. But here you go. Let’s take a walk in my shoes.”

He showed a series of tweets of people asking him to be traded and talking about how bad he played last season.

“For every failure, for every trial, for every negative comment, thanks for the motivation,” Kuzma said, replying to all of that.

The player is ready to prove everybody wrong this upcoming NBA season with the Lakers. The team has made some interesting moves in the offseason and now they're even more favorites than before to go back-to-back. Kuz will try to bring some help and have a better season than last year; otherwise, the Lakers will likely deal him to another franchise in the league.