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Kyle Kuzma Takes Big Shot At The Clippers After Elimination: "We’re Not Focused On The Clippers And We Never Really Were."

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

As soon as the Lakers landed Anthony Davis and the Clippers got Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, the battle of Los Angeles became one of the hottest topics in the NBA. It was a recurrent matter around the league until Tuesday night when the Clippers collapsed against the Denver Nuggets and were eliminated from playoffs contention when everybody thought they were going to face the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals.

Well, now it looks like this was only a big story for the Clippers since one Laker played down all the expectations that people had about seeing the two Angelenos teams going at it in the Conference Finals. Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma is very outspoken and he doesn't miss time to take jabs at his rivals. The Clippers, of course, weren't exempt from this, as the young player had some interesting things to say about them.

Talking with reporters on Wednesday, Kuzma claimed the Lakers aren't worried about the Clippers and they never were in the first place, making it clear that their focus is on the Denver Nuggets now.

“We’re not focused on the Clippers and we never really were,” Kuzma said. “It’s all about who’s in front of you. When you focus on other teams instead of taking care of your food, I mean, shit happens like that. So, for us, we’ve always focused on us, and then focused on Portland, focused on Houston and controlled what we can control as a team. Now our focus is on Denver.”

He might be young but he's learned what matters. He knows this isn't about what could have happened but what is going to actually happen. Kuz is waiting for his chance to shine with the Lakers and this series can be the perfect opportunity for him to do so. Let's recall that he made his first-ever game-winning shot against the Denver a couple of weeks ago.

It seems like Kuzma can have a good time in front of the Nuggets, but this is the Western Conference Finals, not a seeding game.